Weaving your dream home

Building Houses as if they were our Own

Goan Weaver

Goan Weaver is a construction firm located in the picturesque region of Goa, India, specializing in the construction of residential homes. We understand that building a home is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most individuals, and we approach each project with care and dedication as if it were our own.

Our Offerings


Specializes in delivering the highest quality residential houses. Leveraging local expertise and materials, we cater to clients seeking top-notch homes in Goa.


Specializes in guiding clients on construction approaches and troubleshooting. We offer tailored advice and solutions for overcoming any challenges that may arise during or after construction.

Meet The Founder

Sandeep Govenkar

Sandeep is a seasoned civil engineer with over a decade of valuable experience in the construction industry. He specializes in innovative systems and sustainable construction practices, with a keen interest in tiny and cost-effective building solutions.

Cherishing the Stories

I believe that a house is a deeply emotional necessity for all of us, and I feel it is absolutely necessary to have a home and a story that lasts a lifetime. I believe that everyone who makes this emotional decision to build their house should have a story they don't want to forget and one they can cherish for a lifetime.

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